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Simulation Center

Welcome to the Simulation Center

The UW School of Nursing Simulation Center serves students, faculty, and the community by providing innovate simulation-based learning activities in a safe learning environment.

The UW School of Nursing Simulation Center is focused on supporting the curricular needs of our learners through Simulation Based Learning Experiences that includes high fidelity manikin and Standardized Participant based simulation activities, skills training, and active learning approaches. Our talented team of Simulation Education Specialists, Graduate Teaching Assistants, Student Workers, and our Simulation Technology Specialists provide support for courses across the SoN curriculum. With enhanced facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, the Simulation Center provides a modern hub for the educational experience of both undergraduate and graduate students in the UW School of Nursing.

Located in the T-wing of the Warren G. Magnuson Health Sciences building on the UW campus, the UW School of Nursing Simulation Center features multiple simulated learning environments:
• In-Patient space modeled to resemble the hospital environment.
• Out-Patient space designed to resemble a clinic or healthcare provider’s office.
• 4 Health Assessment exam rooms for testing purposes.
• 2 Simulation Spaces for High Fidelity Simulation experiences.
• 1 Flex space that can be used as a simulated home environment or as an additional space for High Fidelity Simulation experiences.
• 2 Debriefing Space to allow for reflection and debriefing of the simulation experience/session.

Renovated in 2017-2018, the UW School of Nursing Simulation Center includes 7,000 square feet of learning opportunities that replicate a variety of clinical spaces to prepare nursing students to become registered nurses and for advanced clinical practice roles. The Simulation Center features an array of simulation technology, simulated medical devices, and uses standardized participants as well to provide learners with meaningful simulation experiences.

The mission of the UW School of Nursing Simulation Center supports the UW SON mission of generating knowledge and preparing future leaders by providing innovative simulation-based learning activities built on foundational principles of teaching and learning in a safe learning environment.

Simulation Center Values

Respect Embrace and appreciate the contributions of diverse perspectives, seeking understanding, equity, and inclusion for all we support within the Simulation Center.
Representation Ensure all voices are heard, perspectives are considered, and activities represent the diversity of our community.
Integrity Maintain honesty and transparency in all interactions.
Excellence Ensure all activities supported by the simulation center are data-driven to support quality improvement and best practices in nursing simulation, nursing education, and nursing practice.
Accountability Take ownership and work to improve so that we can control and support others in that which we cannot control.
Teamwork Maintain open communication within the team and with our customers and seek opportunities to both help others and ask for help.